Commodity information system

Commodity information system

GEA Center is the leading and largest commodity information system in the region which:

- Forwards the daily supply and demand of goods
- Monitors and records daily and weekly price movements
- Assists in the placement of goods
- Assists in finding transportation of goods

System users are provided with:

- Support direct trade
- Support in the realization of the transport of goods
- Contact with commercialists system in two states Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Review all daily information from the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary

We are prominent for:

- A high number of users - over 1300 Members in the system
- The largest number of daily commodity and transport information
- Detailed information about the offered and required goods, prices and quantities
- Reported quantitative realizations of traded goods from 3000t to 5500t per week
- Impressive number of forwarded messages through SMS and mobile applications - about 900,000 per month
- The largest archives tendered, realized and ponder prices
- Detailed weekly, monthly and annual reports of the current prices of goods

Forwarding information system

Forwarding information system

Freight exchange was created from the need of users to transport goods purchased / sold through our system.
In 2008, when the daily requirements for the transport of goods increased so much that was no more possible to solve them verbally, it was decided to launch a "simple" forwarding information to on cargo and routes transport companies.
This "simple" forwarding information sets before us a completely new demands and problems that we were forced to solve on the fly.
Soon we hired new people and launch a stock exchange of transport.
We are introducing a check of all the firms who through the system claimed by transportation and check of all completed routes published on a daily level.
In 2009  began to work a new website, which in addition to information about the goods, contain also stock exchange of transport.
Percentage of completed daily relations in our system is over 80%.

The transport stock exchange consisting of

• international and domestic transportation
• most modern transportation applications with installation on users' computers, launched in 2015
• Enabling self-administration and communication 24/7
• reception of messages via the Android mobile applications and SMS
• direct connection of firms looking transportation with transport companies

Logistic Magazine

Logistic Magazine

•  internet magazine for all fans of cars, trucks and motors

•  current topics and texts from various areas of transport and logistics

•  aadvertising users open to new cooperation

•  daily news and information

Poljo Magazin

Poljo Magazin

- Printed edition - comes twice a year
· Free agricultural magazine
· Circulation of 8000 copies
· Current topics and texts from the field of agriculture and other sectors of the economy
· advertisements users who are open to new cooperation
· Vouchers with discounts

- Internet Edition -
· Daily news from the agrar
· Various news from the market
· Current subsidies
· Pdf of last printed edition

- On addresses of all users of the system
- Distribution on fairs in the country and the region
- Through a new distribution network of user system

for small and large producers, farms and retailers

• Free ads
• Purchase and sale of machinery, buildings and land, fruit and vegetables, livestock, tools and techniques for the garden, packaging, horticulture, processing equipment, equipment and organic production.
• Advices - a place where you can read and comment texts from various fields of agriculture
• a place to meet supply and demand of agricultural commodities from the region

for vehicles fans from around the region

• Free ads
• Purchase and sale of trucks, cars, campers, buses, equipment and spare parts
• Advices - a place where you can read and comment on texts from various fields
• a place to meet supply and demand vehicles from all over the region