About us

GEA Center is a leading system of commodity and transportation information, which has been operating for 18 years and in one place brings together information from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary.
Our business is based on collecting, monitoring, archiving and flow of information. Such system must follow in her work and implement all the latest trends, from the technical to the communication.
We constantly create better customer service system and have desire to provide all necessary information in one place. Therefore we built two modern internet platform:


- Commodity system - the largest informative exchange of agricultural goods with the highest quantitative realizations
- PoljoOglasi - free ads - machinery, land, fruit and vegetables, livestock, equipment, horticulture
- Poljo Magazine - free agricultural magazine - 2 times a year, circulation 8,000 pieces; on the Internet daily news from the agrar
- Forum - your place for discussion


- Transport System - the most advanced transportation applications - connects companies looking for transport with transport companies
- The largest regional stock market of cargo
- OglasiVozilo - free ads - cars, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, trailers
- Logistic Magazine - online magazine for all fans of cars, trucks and engines
- Forum - your place for discussion

Organizational structure

GEA CENTER SYSTEM is the largest information system in the region that daily serves 1,300 users from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary.
The system operates in two countries and agencies which make it are

GEA AGRONET DOO Novi Sad, Serbia    and

InfoCentar, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

each on his and surrounding markets collected informations and supply unique base of information which is located on www.geacentar.com

To users of GeaCentar system from any country we provide all information from all markets. Within the system there is a unique PBX system that implements the phone numbers from several countries which enables to contact with the employees of the system in both countries for the price of a local call.

The system employs 32 permanent employees, including 30 commercialists, 23 within the agricultural sector and 7 in the transport sector.

Commercialists of the system has many years of experience, knowledge and good understanding of the market, which makes high-quality on-line support for all users:
- In the placement of the goods
- In daily direct trade
- In finding (solve) the transport of goods
- For information about prices of current goods or transport
- For Information on the solvency of new business partners or associates
- For all other market information


Vision and Mission

Our mission :

Providing quality, timely and accurate informing from the field of agriculture, food and transportation. Easy and fast , through as many different channels inform our users and provide them concrete and realistic picture of the current state of the market.

In the market we are recognized as a reliable system who archives price, reports and commentaries about market developments allows its users to quickly and easily make analyzes and projections required to advance their own business.


In fulfilling the mission involved all employees through a variety of everyday tasks and high-quality communication with system users. In this way, we create a working and business environment based on cooperation and mutual trust.


Our Vision:

To continue to be a regional leader in the world of information in the field of agriculture, food industry and transportation.

Modern organizations, constant development work , willingness to implement new ideas and high motivation are the qualities that give us the right to be optimistic for the future time.





in 2000.

•    January 1st - establishment of GEA I.S. Novi Sad, SRB
•    first reports sorted by commodity

in 2002.
•    establishment of Bijeljina Info Centre, B&H

in 2003.
•    the first website www.gea-is.com and www.1infocentar.com
•    users mutual visibility between two markets-SRB and B&H
•    daily page opening for the Serbian market with prices in RSD
•    daily page opening for the Bosnia and Herzegovina market with prices in KM

in 2004.
•    first daily page of offers / demands
•    first reports on movement of offered prices
•    first information forwarded by SMS
•    first Information Catalog

in 2005.
•    first price movement page - the data history

in 2007.
•    first users from Macedonia and Montenegro

in 2008.
•    starting the forwarding information system

in 2009.
•    new websites www.gea-is.com and www.1infocentar.com
•    commodity prices graph
•    first realized prices with history and reports
•    opening of the Import-export website - unique for all markets
•    first users from Croatia

in 2010.
•    modernization of the telephone, computer and software system
•    introduction of phone numbers for each market, the user contacts the System at the local call cost
•    opening of daily pages for the Croatian market with prices in kuna

in 2012.
•    first users from Hungary
•    introduction of phone numbers for the markets in Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia
•    monitoring, recording and filing commodity prices in the RSD, KM, Kn, FT and Eur
•    commodity analysis - first quantity and commodity prices table on weekly basis for the Serbian market

in 2013.
•    Gea I.S. – InfoCentar - application for smart phones
•    daily overview via mobile application - daily text comments of up-to date commodities

in 2014.
•    Website on mobile phone
•    weekly overview – provides a complete picture of the weekly events on Serbian market with commodity analysis table
•    price movement report on European stock market
•    information Catalog on CD with translations to 10 foreign languages

In 2015.
•    New transport applications - the largest regional stock market of cargo
•    www.PoljoOglasi.com - new, free, advertising site for sale and purchase of agricultural machinery, livestock, fruits, vegetables, organic production, land
•    Poljo Magazin- free agricultural magazine - 3 times a year, circulation 8,000 pieces; online daily news from the agrar
•    www.OglasiVozilo.com - new, free, advertising site for buying and selling of cars, trucks, spare parts and equipment
•    LogisticMagazin - internet magazine for fans of cars, trucks and engines
•    www.geacentar.com – GEA CENTAR a unified access page from all countries and a new direction in business
•    Forum - your place for discussion