The methods of monitoring price

 Today, when the information about prices are available on almost every sites and agriculture  forums, GeaCentar detail analysis the prices and examines the causes of market developments. Therefore our analysis are downloaded and used by associations and newspapers which report on prices in the market.
 Our users in the daily trading, planning and contracting the production  refer to our prices in the system and seek  confirmation of offered and realized prices from the archive for a certain period.
Since 2004. GeaCentar began to insist  on complete information when receiving information on goods: goods, detailed description of goods, quality, quantity, exw, operability and of course price.
From that appeared:
-the first dedicated reports of the prices of goods in offer-since 2004.
-the first SMS messages witj details information about the offered goods-since 2004.
-the first web page with price movement on a daily and weekly basis-since 2004.
-the largest and most detailed archive  of the price movement of goods in offer-since 2005.
-the archives of realized commodity prices  
-the archives of weighted offered and realized price-since 2012.
-the complete weekly commodity analysis -tabular overview-since 2012.
-the daily sections and sending all realized price through the Android application-since 2013.


Confirmation of realized and offered prices received in our system.

The system has the archives of offered prices since 2005, of realized prices since 2009 and of weighted prices since 2012.

  1. The movement of offered or realized prices, from-to, on a certain day or period
      - they are issued at the request of users


1. tab - Realized prices - written on the kairon of page Daily Report, archive 3 months back

2. tab - Daily Report - archives three months ago, a overview by commodity and all markets


3. tab - Search by daily reports - the price offered for goods of your choice, for the requested period

4. tab - Price movements - the prices on offer, from-to, per days in the current week

5. tab - Informations - information about changes producer prices

SMS and Application

1. Realized prices from the previous day - every morning

2. Daily supply of goods with prices

3. Information on changes of factory prices

4. Overview of the Day - daily price movements of actual goods

5. Each realized price at the time of receiving to the system - only through the mobile app



Reports and Analysis

1. Table analysis of the goods on a weekly basis - ponder, offered and realized prices for the Serbian market

    - analysis of the goods 20.07.-24.07.2015.

2. Table reports prices on European stock exchanges - Budapest and Matif

    - prices on European stock exchanges 20.07.-24.07.2015.

3. Prices in the bid (from-to) on a weekly basis in agriculture and food industry

    - offered prices 20.07.-24.07.2015.

4. Realized prices (from-to) on a weekly basis in agriculture and food industry

    - realized prices 20.07.-24.07.2015.

5. Realized prices on a weekly basis - detailed overview of goods by quantity

    - detailed realized prices 20.07.-24.07.2015.

6. Export prices in the offer in agriculture and food industry

    - export prices 20.07.-24.07.2015.

7. Overview week per markets SRB, BiH, HR, HU

    - overview week per markets 20.07.-24.07.2015.

8. Daily report offered goods with prices at a specific date

    - offered prices on day